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The Mosaic Community Campus is a diverse, inclusive tapestry of people, groups, and organizations melding together to create a place for quality education, affordable housing, economic development, the arts, and gathering. Each piece of Mosaic is an essential part of the larger picture: a community hub where a full spectrum of services, opportunities, and facilities provide a place for people to advance their dreams and careers, connect with each other, and truly thrive.

Mosaic Campus partners honors the vast history of this campus through the preservation of its beautiful green spaces and the grandeur of its historic architecture. We honor the present and future by leaning fiercely, with and for community members, into the work of providing access, opportunities, and options for stability, especially for those most impacted by inequities and the
threat of displacement.

This campus is a safe incubator for learning, living, healing, and thriving.

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Mosaic Community Campus

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